Our Principal

林 秀 蘭 校長
Mrs. Hsiu-Lan L. Wu

Mrs. Wu graduated from National Central University in Taiwan with a Bachelorís Degree in Chinese Literature and obtained a Certificate of Education from National Taiwan Normal University. She later received a Masterís Degree in East Asia Studies from Harvard University.

Mrs. Wu has a passion and love for working in the educational field. She places a high emphasis on ethical awareness, cultural understanding, and developing everyoneís multiple intelligences. She taught Chinese literature to high school and college students for several years before she moved to the United States. In America, she has spent time at various Chinese schools as an educator and a leader. In 1992, she started her own program, Dragonís World Chinese School, in Rockville, Maryland. In 2009, she co-founded her 2nd program, Washington Leadership Academy.

Mrs. Wu has won numerous awards and honors, such as the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Association of Chinese Schools, Overseas Chinese Writing Award from Central Daily News (Taiwan), and Eminent Writing Award from Taiwan Literature Competition. She was a columnist writing about American phenomena for Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News, and she wrote about education issues for the Washington China Post. Currently, she is also the vice chairman of the Washington Chinese Poetry Society.


林校長熱愛教育工作,以文化傳薪為己任,在台灣曾任高中、大專國文教師。1985年來美之後,曾任中文學校教師。1992年在家長鼓勵之下,於美國馬里蘭州創辦[龍林學苑](Dragonís World Chinese School) 並擔任校長迄今,亦曾於2004年擔任馬州[蓋城中文學校] (Gaithersburg Chinese School)校長;2009年開始,兼任[華盛頓領導學院] (Washington Leadership Academy) 教育執行長。

林校長亦熱愛文學, 1996年在大華府地區與文友一同創辦[華府書友會],目前為[華府詩友社]副社長,曾獲中央日報「海外華文創作獎」首獎、臺灣省文學獎「報導文學類」優選獎ÖÖ等文學獎;曾為台灣新生報撰寫 [美國現象] 專欄,亦為美國 [華府郵報] 撰寫教養專欄。

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